i love peeps. mary doesn't really like peeps. we do however share a fond appreciation for easter, the candy holiday. we've been amusing ourselves by taking marshmallow peeps, costuming them, and making them perform in shakespearean plays. this is our amusing tribute to candy day. it's a pretty shameful thing to admit we actually do this, so you'd better freakin appreciate it. feign laughter if you have to.

we aren't limiting ourselves to the confines of shakespeare anymore. the fark gave us a link that brought us up to 10 times our site traffic on a good day, so we decided to check out what comments people had to share about peep shakespeare. mme. mersault suggested peep unreal tournament, so that we might all witness some mighty peep violence. we probably aren't cool enough to pull off anything that doesn't have a good ten-frame plot, but we thought we'd do one unreal peep scene to at least recognize that it was a really good idea. we did, however, see the blair witch as an easy to duplicate plot, though we cheated and added an extra frame. we apologize in advance:

unreal peep

the blair peep project

this is a special "alyssa and mary get drunk" play that mary made awhile ago. it's mostly an inside joke, so if you don't get it, well, too bad.

drunk alyssa & mary

the plain jane