100 things about me
by mary

1. i can't spell.

2. i love the color green. my clothes are predominately (see, can't spell) green but i've tried to "branch out" into other colors over the last year or two. i'm also in the process of redoing my room and my walls will be painted green. the only reason i didn't get a green car is because they were all priced higher (i bought off the lot).

3. whenever i see a dog, i exclaim, "puppy!"

4. i like to stare up at the stars.

5. i really want to take a road trip.

6. i have lots of cow-related things. stuffed cows, cow erasers, cow straws, cow glasses, cow bookmarks, etc.

7. i like to wear pretend ears in public.

8. one year in college everyone gave me alien-related presents. i think it was because i was really into the x-files, but i had been into x-files for a few years before that so i don't know why everyone decided to pick that one year to give me alien stuff. i wonder if it was part of a conspiracy to freak me out.

9. i don't think i could live without my computer.

10. i created my first website when i was a freshman in college. i created it mostly because i viewed all these ugly websites and i thought "man, i can do something better than that."

11. i've wanted to be a writer since i was about 13, but i don't have the balls to actually sit down and take the time to write and then submit things. i don't have a lot of self-confidience in my work and writings, but i'm working on it.

12. i got a short story published this year and it was very exciting for me.

13. i met my boyfriend on the internet and we're still together after a two years.

14. i used to be in love with the new kids on the block. joey was my favorite.

15. i miss the snow sometimes. but i don't miss the wind chill.

16. i like circles.

17. i like volunteering for things, like the ms walk. it makes me feel like a good person.

18. i hate watching surgery shows. they make me cringe.

19. i've had nightmares after watching csi.

20. when i was eleven i had a "skirt phase". i wore a skirt like everyday. now i only wear them on rare occassions.

21. i like to bake.

22. i like to plan parties.

23. i never thought i'd get a cell phone, but now it's practically attached to me.

24. i have a cute dog named rocky. i got him for my tenth birthday and i'm surprised he's still around. if i think about him dying, i start to cry. he's the friendliest dog i've ever know, but maybe that's because he's my dog and he's always happy when he sees me.

25. i used to "test" my friends to see if they really liked me. my test was to walk behind them and away from them to see if they would notice i wasn't there. they never failed.

26. i think i'm pretty lame.

27. i tried to smoke a cigar once in my backyard, but i couldn't get it lit and i gave up.

28. i like playing scrabble.

29. i didn't drink until i was 21.

30. i wish i still kept a journal.

31. i seem to only have good talks with my mom when we're laying on my bed together just lounging around.

32. i like to drive with the windows down.

33. i didn't get my license until i was 21, as well.

34. i used to be afraid of driving.

35. i used to think my boredom problems would be solved if only i had a license.

36. i like getting flowers.

37. i managed to avoid taking a math class in college, though my science classes had math in them. those sneaky bastards.

38. i was really homesick my first year of college.

39. and now, i still live at home.

40. i've never been able to do a cartwheel.

41. i tried to roller skate once. i fell on my butt and i promptly gave up.

42. i played by myself a lot as a child. i liked to play "store" and "school".

43. one time my friend who lived down the street and i kidnapped the neighbor's cat for a few hours. i think we had a marriage ceremony for the cat to marry my stuffed rabbit. the cat did not love the rabbit, and jumped out the window. we consoled the rabbit at the alter.

44. in grade school, sarah and i pretended that my backyard was a jazz club called "the red dalmation". we got up on the park bench in my background (that was the stage) and used the handle of a whip as "the mic". we used a bright light as the spotlight (we did this all after dark) and lip snyced to songs. we sold tickets we designed ourselves to my parents and my dog.

45. i like to collect postcards.

46. i like to do crafts.

47. i'm trying to lose weight. it's pretty hard to try and change a lifestyle you've stuck with for so long.

48. plums are my favorite fruit.

49. samauri jack and cowboy bebop are my favorite cartoons right now.

50. i like to watch cooking shows.

51. i like it when a new book is so interesting that you feel like you just have to read it RIGHT NOW.

52. i hate finishing a really good book. though i like finding out what happens, i don't like that empty sense of "it's over and i wish it wasn't". it's fulfilling and empty all in one.

53. this list sounds too serious.

54. i've never seen the godfather movies.

55. i play music at night to help me fall asleep.

56. in my heart of hearts, i'd like to be a writer and a photographer.

57. i like black and white photography a whole lot.

58. eeyore is my favorite characters from winnie the pooh. i think rabbit needs some calming drugs.

59. my mom used to tell me that if i didn't eat my rice, i wouldn't grow. i ate my rice and she was wrong.

60. i don't like clowns.

61. i miss my waterbed.

62. i work for myself as a web designer.

63. my favorite toy as a child was a white stuffed bunny that my godmother gave me. but i don't remember it's name. i don't think i named it, actually.

64. i like to play video games even though i'm not that good at them.

65. i like joel better than mike.

66. i've been to a star trek convention. two actually.

67. i liked peanut butter flavored things a lot.

68. i like vanilla better than chocolate.

69. i don't know how to swim.

70. i get buzzed pretty easily.

71. i'm a quiet person.

72. i don't like getting stuck in traffic.

73. when we go out, i like it when other people drive because i don't like trying to find parking.

74. i don't like the taste of beer.

75. i've only seen one james bond movie. i think it was the first one.

76. in college, we could see the "necco" candy company's tower from our window. i've never had necco wafers though. they look weird.

77. i can play catch pretty well because i used to play catch in my backyard with my dad. he used to like to hurl the ball at me and i got good at catching it.

78. i wanted to try out for the softball team in high school, but i didn't have the nerve.

79. i hate going to the doctor. the difference though is that i used to never go, and now i go more often. i think what turned me around is in college i was sick for three weeks before i went to the student health center. they gave me magic drugs. i've been going ever since.

80. i like to wear short sleeves when i eat. if i'm wearing long sleeves, i push them up as far as i can. if i'm wearing a sweater, i'll take it off.

81. i can't sleep if my closet door is open.

82. i like most disney movies. except pocahontas.

83. i like geeky, dorky things. and geeky, dorky guys.

84. i'm easily amused.

85. i like to do fish faces at other drivers on the freeway.

86. i sing in my car.

87. i laugh at myself.

88. i think i dated my first boyfriend because he was the first person that ever said they loved me.

89. i didn't have a minor in college because i didn't want to write an extra paper.

90. i like to play bingo.

91. i like to watch the people behind me at stoplights in my rearview mirror. sometimes i start to dance in my car to see if they notice and laugh at me. they usually do not notice.

92. lasagna is my favorite food.

93. dr. pepper is my favorite drink.

94. i've read all the harry potter books. i like them all.

95. i still think scrappy sucks.

96. i had my first kiss at 17.

97. i get the urge to write when i'm buzzed.

98. i wish i had kept a journal of all the interesting advice my mom has given me. for instance, "don't go to bars, there are nasty boys there!". maybe i'll start keeping one today.

99. i was a pretty lousy journalism student - i was nervous about interviewing people and did not do it much. i guess that's why i'm not a reporter today. hard news sucks, anyway.

100. my glasses make most people dizzy.