100 things about me
by alyssa

1. i can spell.

2. i love eating.

3. i love sleeping.

4. i love driving with the windows down.

5. i love singing in the car.

6. i'm drinking iced tea as i write this.

7. i play a lot of scrabble.

8. i play a lot of boggle.

9. i do a lot of crosswords.

10. i like word games.

11. i like square things.

12. i'm an affectionate drunk.

13. i think sweater vests are way cool.

14. i think argyle is way cool.

15. i was afraid of helicopters as a child.

16. i'm still afraid of spiders.

17. my favorite cereal is kix.

18. my second favorite cereal is cap'n crunch.

19. when i was 3, my favorite dr. seuss book was green eggs and ham.

20. my mom once used food coloring to make green eggs and ham for me, and i cried.

21. spaghetti is one of my favorite things to eat.

22. sushi is one of my favorite things to eat.

23. if someone brings donuts to work in the morning, it makes my whole day good.

24. i'm very clumsy.

25. if i had more free time, i would play more video games.

26. i like striped things.

27. i like tacky things.

28. i laugh a lot.

29. i used to have the lame 12 dollar cable service. now i have regular basic cable and i'm in love.

30. the cable company used to give me the home and gardens channel by mistake. losing it was part of the impetus behind getting regular cable.

31. i like undermount sinks.

32. i try to watch resident life, monster garage, monster house, american chopper, gilmore girls, space ghost and the brak show regularly.

32. i like kitsch.

34. both of my parents are remarried.

35. i have a lot of people to shop for at christmas.

36. i like my hot dogs with sauerkraut and mustard.

37. i like german expressionism.

38. i prefer whole milk, but i buy 1% because i know it's better for me.

39. i need caffeine to keep down the swelling in my brain.

40. i get a lot of headaches.

41. my favorite shows when i was little were "the muppet show" and "knight rider."

42. after that, my favorite shows were "married with children" and "night court."

43. and after that, my favorite show was "twin peaks."

44. i'm dreaming of sushi right now.

45. i sneeze profusely after most meals.

46. i expected it to be easier to say this many things about myself.

47. i like it when beck sings, "flashdance ass pants."

48. i like it when mike doughty sings made up words.

49. i like it when mary sings one song's lyrics to a different song's tune when she's drunk.

50. when i go to bed, it usually takes me an hour to fall asleep.

51. after i get up in the morning, it usually takes me three hours to fully wake up.

52. i'm not supposed to eat lemons, but i do.

53. i do laundry at my mom's house every saturday.

54. i like the word "forlorn."

55. i like the word "syzygy."

56. i vehemently dislike cilantro.

57. i like the word "vehement."

58. i play bingo because i like to daub.

59. i fish because i like sitting in a boat all day eating sandwiches.

60. my favorite disneyland ride is the haunted house.

61. i like to have a tidy silverware drawer.

62. i hate washing dishes.

63. i love making dishes dirty.

64. i'm conflicted.

65. i'm generally very messy.

66. all of my clothes are on the floor.

67. i order a lot of catalogs, but i don't buy much from them.

68. i spend most of my extra money on cds.

69. i eat lots of fruit because it's cheaper than snack food.

70. my favorite mornings are when it's warm out with a cool breeze, so in bed with my windows open, it makes the top of my blanket cool.

71. i hate it when there's a lot of condensation on the roof of my truck in the morning. the first time i turn, a whole bunch of water comes in the window on me.

72. if i have a day off work, i drive to the suburbs to buy a breakfast burrito from my favorite breakfast burrito-producing establishment.

73. when i really like a song, i listen to it over and over until my friends start to loathe it.

74. i feel very sleepy.

75. i'll be very glad when this is over.

76. i'm amazed that you read this far.

77. when i eat sourdough bread, i like to eat the middle first and then the crust.

78. "the three amigos" makes me hungry for bats.

79. if i ever have candy and beer in close proximity to each other, i put the candy in the beer, even though it often tastes bad.

80. if it's wednesday night, i drink a black and tan.

81. if it's tuesday night, i drink a corona.

82. i'm very habitual.

83. my favorite thing to cook is spaghetti sauce.

84. i like making dinner for my friends.

85. i like having visitors.

86. i collect refrigerator magnets.

87. i lack self-discipline.

88. i have a love/hate relationship with hostess sno-balls; they're tasty, but they're pink.

89. i wish i had a hobby.

90. the only thing i would change about my apartment is that i would make a place for a hammock.

91. when i mess something up, i spend a lot of time reliving the experience in my head.

92. i like pukey colors.

93. i'm not punctual.

94. i like shopping for office supplies.

95. i buy cases of my favorite pens.

96. i only use 1 out of every 10 coupons i cut out of the paper.

97. my glove compartment is full of toys from the quarter toy crane at the 24-hour diner in mira mesa.

98. once i start drinking coffee, it takes physical force to stop me.

99. thai iced coffee is my favorite coffee-based beverage.

100. i feel like i should have said something profound at the end.